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Due to the war in Ukraine orders to Russia or Belarus will be declined without any explaination. 

Buying bricks at Alfies is supposed to be fun. Therefore we try to do our uppermost best to meet our promise of buying with fun. Mistakes in orders can happen and if you are not statisfied with your order, please contact us. We try to respond as quickly as possible (mostly within 48 hours). Please use the BrickOwl message system. Please contact us first, do not file complaints or leave a negative feedback before you have contacted us by using the BrickOwl message system. Please do not use e-mail to file a complaint, but use the BrickOwl message system. We will always try to resolve any issues that may occur.

NOTE: We at alfiesbricks do not wash parts. We don't wash parts because there is a lot of discussion going on on how to, or not to, wash LEGO bricks. Therefore we let people wash their own parts themselves exactly in the way they like it.

                                                    Washing bricks


Instructions and books: 

We carefully select the instructions for our store. We try to give a clear description on the state and/or defects on instructions. Very bad instructions are useless in our opinion so we will not sell these. But to grade instructions it is a matter of opinion. We try to keep in mind what we would think of an instruction if it would be part of our own collection. 


Shipping options:

We have several options for shipping. The cheapest options come without insurance or tracking. When these options are chosen we can not track or insure the order. Therefore we prefer to ship with at least track and trace options. When you chose not to use track and trace options we can not be held responsible in case you do not receive your order or in case it gets damaged.  Even if European law holds us responsible for shipping, I want you to realize that you have been given a choice. Cheap shipment with possible consequenses, or more expensive shipment with shipping guarantees. The reason that we still offer shipment without Track and Trace is that in many occasions the order value does not justify the significantly higher shipping costs. We hope that you understand and respect this policy. If you do not understand please do not buy in our store. 


Letter shipments are not provided with track and trace. The track and trace information that is shown in your order after shipment will be n.a. (Not Available.) 


Contact with us:

We try to respond to your message within 48 hours. Communication with us will mostly be handled in English or Dutch. Although we have an understanding of German and French.


Shipping times and payment:

Shipping will take place within four weekdays after payment has been received. During weekends we are closed. We do accept payment by IBAN: Account number: NL89KNAB0408848065. Name to: G.E.E. Eling


How did we do?:

We like to monitor our performance continuesly. We do this to make sure to achieve maximum customer statisfaction. Therefore we love it when you change your orderstatus to "received" when you have received your order and to "complete" when everything checks out to be to your liking. And yes, without begging for it:


But please, do not complain through the feedback system. That's not what it's meant for. If you have a complaint, let us know. If your statisfied, let others know. Probably we will notice your complaint in the feedback to late to work out a solution to still have you statisfied. 


When placing an order in our store it means that you have read, and agreed to our policies and terms, which are an adition to the BrickOwl policies and terms. (please also check the "important shipment notes" at the bottom of our terms page.) Our policies and terms may be updated to meet our customer support standards and apply to our store policies at any time.



Due to very large variations in postal tarrifs as off 2024 it is no longer feassible to publish a complete list of shipment prices. Therefore we forward you to the list of tarrifs of Dutch Royal Mail. If you want te know exactly how much a shipment will be, ask for a quote. Sometimes shipping might be cheaper as stated on page 7 in this document. Tarrifs International Parcel

There can be some differences in shipping depending on the country. Request a quote if you are not sure.

Letter International


20 gram

50 gram

100 gram

350 gram

2.000 gram

Letter International







Important Shipment Notes: Please Read before ordering!

  • If you wish to discuss other shipment options, please contact us before ordering and we will do our best to assist you. 
  • If you have any special package requirements, please contact us about this prior to ordering or note your request at the comments field of the order process. When sending messages about packiging requirements after you placed your order means that we might not be able to meet your requirements due to fast order processing. Ofcoure we always try to meet your requirements when given a chance.
  • When you live in Norway and you request VOEC information, 45,- euro's administration cost will be added for orders under 150,- euro.


-- This page and terms have been Updated per 22-03-2024  -- Please take note.